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Go Upside Down for an Energy Boost | Beginners Guide to Headstand, Relaxing Yoga Class

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Julia Bennett explains how inversions can help balance your body-- reduce stress & increase your energy. Watch her Beginners Yoga Course: ? FREE with Prime: https://www.amazon.com/Warrior-Poses-For-Strength-Confidence/dp/B07CSD6ZTX/ ? 2-Week FREE Trial: http://wellnessplus.tv/ In this beginners class you'll learn how inversions and poses like headstand can benefit your health, reduce stress & balance your energy levels. Learn how to get into easy upside poses & work on your headstand! ? Amazon Prime Member" Watch Julia's Yoga Course FREE: https://www.amazon.com/Warrior-Poses-For-Strength-Confidence/dp/B07CSD6ZTX/ ? Start your 2-Week FREE Trial Today! http://wellnessplus.tv/ Follow our Social Media https://www.instagram.com/psychetruth http://www.facebook.com/psychetruthvideos Related Videos Why Does Your Low Back Hurt" Relaxing Yoga to Open Hips, Low Back Pain Relief, 20 Min https://youtu.be/NOz96_ok1dY Morning Yoga Flow to Energize Your Day, Relieve Pain & Boost Flexibility with Julia Bennett https://youtu.be/rejXaF51k8Q Quick & Easy Morning Yoga for Energy & Flexibility! Feel Amazing All Day! Beginners Class At Home | Yoga with Jess Timsit https://youtu.be/NhnVdSkJFpc Music by iChill Music Factory Song: Ancient Wisdom Album: Spa Lounge http://www.ichillmusic.com © Copyright 2018 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. #Psychetruth #WellnessPlus #yoga #JuliaBennett #headstand #handstand #inversions #energy

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