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Muscle Pain in Legs – Treatments and Prevention

Health and fitness
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Muscle Pain in Legs – Treatments and Prevention Muscle Pain in Legs – Treatments and Prevention

Muscle Pain in Legs – Treatments and Prevention

Muscle pain in legs can prevent you from enjoying the activities you normally enjoyed and also cause you to feel a sense of fatigue from constantly having to focus on your leg pain while you?re trying to enjoy leisure activities like watching TV.
Muscle Pain in Legs – Overview

Some of the causes of muscle pain in legs include dehydration of the common electrolytes like potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium because this help modulates electrical impulses in the leg and can cause cramps if they?re lacking or exist in the wrong proportions.
Other kinds of medications can also interfere with legs from functioning normally and cause leg pain like diuretics which can cause you to expel too many fluids or minerals like the electrolytes above mentioned. Statins can also lower cholesterol and can cause muscle injuries through that indirect route.
Muscle fatigue or strain from overusing your muscles, such as too much exercise or working out, can cause you to have muscle pain for days on end. Holding a muscle in a certain position for a long period of time can have the same effect.
Injuries are the most common causes of leg pain in a country where a lot of sports are being played out on the football field each day. Torn or overstretched muscles are sprains. Inflamed tendons are a related condition called tendinitis. You can also get shin splints which is a pain in the front of your leg through overuse and repetitive pounding on the front of the leg.
There are a variety of c...
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Muscle Pain in Legs – Treatments and Prevention Muscle Pain in Legs – Treatments and Prevention


Source of news: Body Pain Tips
Source of publication: 08-11-2018 16:15
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