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Cannabis 101: Weeding through the facts

Health and fitness
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Cannabis 101: Weeding through the facts Cannabis 101: Weeding through the facts

Cannabis 101: Weeding through the facts

By Lindsey Greto and Meghan King Retail cannabis is legal in Washington, but that doesn?t mean it?s completely safe and free of health or social impacts. While little is definitively known about the health effects of cannabis, there are both public health risks and health benefits, and these must be balanced. Over the next few months, [...]

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Cannabis 101: Weeding through the facts Cannabis 101: Weeding through the facts


Source of news: Public Health Insider
Source of publication: 31-10-2018 16:15
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Tendonitis in the shoulder, what?s more, acknowledged for example Rotator Cuff Tendonitis or Impingement Syndrome, is know-how of pain in close proxim ...
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This Thanksgiving, take the focus off the food

While most holidays center on meals, the true meaning and intention behind them is generally togetherness. Rather than filling up on food, indulge in ...
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Strong Body, Strong Mind: Reconnect With Your Backside

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A 5-Minute Workout to Protect Your Shoulders

Our shoulders take a lot of punishment: Work stress, the pressure of rush-hour traffic, and the endless demands of your smartphone and computer can lo ...
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The Upside of Anger

Anger is usually considered a negative emotion — something that needs to be restrained or at least “managed.” Our aversion to anger makes sense. ...
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Download your FREE e-book here. ...
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Download Your Free Hygge E-Book

Fill out the form below to download the free e-book “18 Ways to Find Hygge.” Name* ...
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PUMPING IRONY: Problematic Pills

Back when I was more ambulatory than I am now, my brothers and I, along with assorted relatives, gathered every year during the holiday season for a s ...
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Easy Leftover Turkey Soup

Depending on your family traditions, the day after Thanksgiving usually takes two shapes: a full day of Black Friday shopping or (what we do) a day of ...
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Relax with Jade & Mandy: Soothing Chair Massage Tutorial wit

Learn Chair Massage techniques & stretches to help your clients unwind. Soft Spoken with relaxing music. ? Start your FREE 2-Week Trial: ...
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My Favourite Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is such a special time of the year for my American and Canadian community. Celebrating with loved ones, giving thanks for the year that h ...
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What Is Piracetam" Plus, 5 Possible Benefits

Nootropics (also known as “smart drugs”) have risen in popularity over the past decade. One product you may have recently heard more about is pir ...
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Benefits and Risks of a Low-Carb Diet ? and How Low Is Too L

Made famous by the Atkins Diet and other similar weight-loss plans, low-carb diets are most well-known for shedding pounds fast. And despite what mig ...
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BLACK FRIDAY WEEK (exclusive bundles + sitewide sale)

Black Friday is ON! …because isn’t an entire week better than just a day"!    EXCLUSIVE BUNDLES: limited edition bundles with major discounts… ...
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Fitmas Challenge: Arms Workout (W1D2)

Day 2 and let’s get to arms! As we anticipate more holiday travel and plans at the end of this week, let’s stay focused on getting in our lifts! Y ...
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First things first, I am all about splurging on Thanksgiving. BUT, so many of us have multiple Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebrations that it’s ...
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Best purchases of 2018

+ one was a gift   Hi friends! Happy Tuesday to ya. I hope you?re having a lovely morning and are excited for the week ahead. I?m finishing grocery s ...
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Natural Pain Relievers

These are some of the nonpharmaceutical tools and techniques for managing chronic pain. Acupuncture Because its potential for pain relief is so great, ...
19-11-2018 16:10

206: Your Parenting Mojo on Why We Need to Let Our Kids Take

Today’s guest Jen Lumanlan is the host of the fascinating “Your Parenting Mojo” podcast, which is all about helping parents find (and fine-tune) ...
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Yoga for Deep Relaxation & Sleep with Julia Marie | 30 Minut

Relieve muscle tension & mental stress with this deeply relaxing yoga class for beginners. ? Want More Yoga with Julia" Start your 2-Week FREE Trial: ...
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Guarana: Fat-Burning, Energy-Boosting Powerhouse or Harmful

Take a look at the ingredients label of just about any energy-boosting supplement and you may just spot guarana on the list. Derived from an Amazonia ...
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Fitmas Challenge: Legs + Glutes (W1D1)

What other way to kick off the Fitmas Challenge than with leg day"! Over the next 5 weeks, you’ll encounter several styles of workouts. I take the a ...
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so zen right now

Hi friends! Happy Monday! A friendly reminder for today?. We?ve got this. How was the weekend" I hope you had a fun and relaxing one! I had the most ...
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Salvia: Dangerous Hallucinogen or Beneficial Herb"

Salvia divinorum has become increasingly popular as a recreational drug for its hallucinogenic effects. Although adolescents and college students are ...
18-11-2018 16:11

Calendula Benefits & Uses for Skin, Insect Bites, Anti-

Calendula flowers are one of my favorite herbal remedies to grow because they are very effective for health and on top of that, an attractive addition ...
17-11-2018 16:11

My Favourite Turmeric Elixirs For Gut Love

I genuinely love sharing my health tips with the JSHealth community. For the most part, it?s all about creating beautiful new recipes but I also love ...
17-11-2018 16:11

What Juuling Does to Your Body (It’s Not Pretty)

In 2003, the first commercially successful electronic cigarette debuted in China. Today, millions of consumers regularly use “electronic nicotine d ...
17-11-2018 16:11

Sodium-/Potassium-Bicarbonate (+Mg, +Ca) Supplement ? Improv

The stack (ingredients on the right) was ingested twice daily.It has been a while since the last study on sodium bicarbonate\'s usefulness has found i ...
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Roasted Squash Bowls With Quinoa Pilaf, Greens, and Pistachi

Makes four servings Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 50 minutes Ingredients for the squash: 4 acorn or baby dumpling squashes 2 tbs. extra-virgin ...
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Stress Relief De-Mystified! Proven Ways to Relax & Re-Train

Learn effective ways to reduce stress & anxiety this holiday season- just remember BRENT! ? Follow Corrina Rachel, Holistic Health Coach: ...
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You\'ve been asking me some epic questions so it\'s time I sat down and spilled the tea on all things awkward, embarrassing and pregnancy! Did you lik ...
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Hydronephrosis + 5 Natural Ways to Help Relieve Symptoms

Hydronephrosis (swelling and urine retention) in one kidney occurs in about one in 100 people. There’s also some evidence that about two percent of ...
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10 Herbs & Superfoods with Cannabinoids Similar to Cann

It’s a hot topic in the news and among our law makers today ? controversial cannabis oil and its therapeutic value. We know that cannabinoids, the ...
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Total body barre workout video

This is a free at-home barre workout that you can do anywhere! All you need is your own bodyweight and a set of light weights. Hey friends! Yay, the w ...
16-11-2018 16:10

Have a mindful holiday

During the holiday season, the family gatherings, gift buying, decorating and flurry of other seasonal activities can leave you feeling a bit blue and ...
15-11-2018 16:16

Reframing Change

Consider the last time you were faced with a significant change in your life: What did it feel like to be presented with that opportunity or challenge ...
15-11-2018 16:16

Tuberculosis at a Global Crossroads: Time to Bring the Heat

A quarter of the world?s population, including 100,000 people in King County, are estimated to be infected with TB bacteria! And this preventable, cur ...
15-11-2018 16:15

205: Everything You Need to Know About GMOs, Glyphosate, and

You guys know I’m a science geek, so I’m pretty much in awe of today’s guest. Dr. Zach Bush, MD, is one of the few triple board-certified physic ...
15-11-2018 16:15

Feel More Fulfilled & Blissful ? Guided Meditation for Grati

Thankfulness & gratitude uplift our soul & calm our mind-- Julia Bennett takes you step by step to unwind & cultivate gratitude. ? More Yoga with Juli ...
15-11-2018 16:15

Coumarin: Inflammation Fighter or Toxic Danger"

Despite its sweet flavor and pleasant aroma, coumarin is a chemical that can have serious effects on health when consumed in high amounts. In fact, h ...
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The Holiday Meal Menus officially begin rolling out Sunday… 25 healthy holiday recipes. They’re some of my favorites of the entire year so I want ...
15-11-2018 16:14

Tips to help you prepare to quit tobacco

This Thursday is the American Cancer Society?s Great American Smokeout! This important day takes place annually on the third Thursday of every Novembe ...
14-11-2018 16:14

Ode to Cauliflower

Now that cauliflower has earned superstar veggie status (available dark-roasted in all the fancy restaurants or minced as low-carb “rice” in all t ...
14-11-2018 16:14

Luxurious Homemade Whipped Body Butter

  I love making natural beauty products as gifts, and homemade body butter is one friends and family always love to receive. It’s a gift that is ea ...
14-11-2018 16:14

24 reasons to show your lungs some love this Great American

Every year, on the 3rd Thursday of November, the American Cancer Society challenges smokers to quit during the Great American Smokeout (this Thursday ...
14-11-2018 16:14

Athena Jezik Massage: Pure Relaxation Technique, Relaxing Ba

Athena & Corrina return to help you relax & unwind in this ultra relaxing back massage video. ? Start Your Two Week Free Trial: ...
14-11-2018 16:14

How To Build A Healthy Party Platter

My ultimate situation: an evening with my friends or family sharing good wine, delicious wholesome nibbles and great conversation. I have become obses ...
14-11-2018 16:14

Exogenous Ketones: How They Help During Dieting or Exercisin

Researchers believe that humans, and many other animal species, too, developed the capacity to produce ketones (or ketone bodies) in order to prolong ...
14-11-2018 16:14

022: Intuitive Eating, high carb vs. low carb, and navigatin

In today?s episode, I?m chatting with my good friend Anne Mauney from fANNEtastic Food. Anne has been a good friend of mine for years (and partner fo ...
14-11-2018 16:13

Too Much Stupid Stuff

Melinda Ashton, M.D., has a great article in NEJM: Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff.   It describes a program her health system (Hawaii Pacific Health) u ...
14-11-2018 16:13

Impressions on Inspired Fighting Monkey Vienna

This weekend I had the amazing and intense experience of self exploration. I attended a Movement Workshop called Inspired Fighting Monkey leaded by Ja ...
13-11-2018 16:14

4 Drills to Improve Your Basketball Skills

Basketball has enthralled players and fans since 1891, when James Naismith first tossed a ball into a peach basket while trying to engage a YMCA gym c ...
13-11-2018 16:14

PUMPING IRONY: Prepared for the Worst

I was talking travel the other day with The Commissioner, one of my septuagenarian golfing pals, who advised me to schedule my bucket-list trips befor ...
13-11-2018 16:14

Sculpted Core & Flat Abs Workout! HIIT, Mobility & Stretches

Learn the most effective exercises to sculpt your upper and lower abs as well as the obliques with Bikini Model, Hannah LeBrun. ? Watch Hannah\'s ful ...
13-11-2018 16:14

Hyperparathyroidism Causes & Symptoms + 6 Natural Remed

In the United States, every year roughly 100,000 people will develop primary hyperparathyroidism. (1) If you’re over the age of 50, a woman or have ...
13-11-2018 16:13

Processed Foods Make Up 60% of the American Diet"! Heal

Processed foods have become a pantry staple in households across the globe. Dig a little deeper into nearly any kitchen and you’re sure to find a j ...
13-11-2018 16:13

B-day things

First of all, thank you so much for all of the beautiful birthday wishes! I hope you know how much I appreciate them, and how much I appreciate you be ...
13-11-2018 16:13

Laurel Kallenbach’s Success Story

In July 2016 I had a panic attack during an acupuncture treatment — and it had nothing to do with the needles. Two days earlier I’d received the r ...
12-11-2018 16:12

204: The Rise of Autoimmune Disease (& How to Thrive Ev

It is no secret that autoimmune disease is on the rise, and many of us may have it and not even know. Today I talk to Dr. Guillermo Ruiz, a graduate m ...
12-11-2018 16:12

Kids' Health Tips for Better Sleep & Immunity | Massage, Ess

Learn how to help your kids fight colds & reduce tummy aches with massage, stretching & other natural health tips. ? See the full program: Healthy Kid ...
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