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Calendula Benefits & Uses for Skin, Insect Bites, Anti-

Calendula flowers are one of my favorite herbal remedies to grow because they are very effective for health and on top of that, an attractive addition...
17-11-2018 16:11

205: Everything You Need to Know About GMOs, Glyphosate, and

You guys know I’m a science geek, so I’m pretty much in awe of today’s guest. Dr. Zach Bush, MD, is one of the few triple board-certified physic...
15-11-2018 16:15

Luxurious Homemade Whipped Body Butter

  I love making natural beauty products as gifts, and homemade body butter is one friends and family always love to receive. It’s a gift that is ea...
14-11-2018 16:14

204: The Rise of Autoimmune Disease (& How to Thrive Ev

It is no secret that autoimmune disease is on the rise, and many of us may have it and not even know. Today I talk to Dr. Guillermo Ruiz, a graduate m...
12-11-2018 16:12

How to Balance Business and Family Life (& Succeed at B

  This is a common question I get, and while my husband and I certainly don’t claim to have mastered this art, we’ve discovered a few tips along ...
11-11-2018 16:14

203: Hidden EMF Dangers and How to Mitigate Them With Geobio

EMF is an invisible but growing problem as our world becomes increasingly connected. Not everyone agrees, but the rise in EMFs in our environment in t...
08-11-2018 16:14

8 Life Lessons to Learn From Children

I remember when one of the kids broke her leg while playing outside. Thankfully, kids bounce back quickly and she was back on her feet in about four w...
08-11-2018 16:14

Homemade Pumpkin Soup – Fall Favorite!

‘Tis the season… for pumpkin anyway! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, and more are everywhere this time of year. Some of us love it and...
06-11-2018 16:11

202: How Footwear Affects Posture, Alignment, & Movemen

You guys know that I’ve been on the barefoot bandwagon for a very long time, but today’s episode has changed some of the ways I think about alignm...
05-11-2018 16:13

Symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy (& Natural Ways to Protect

I?m a huge advocate of giving women the information they need to improve their own health (which is one reason I love themenstrual cupso much!). Whe...
03-11-2018 16:13

Stuffed Acorn Squash Boats (Kid-Approved!)

I don’t ever cook special foods just for picky kids or use food as a reward, but I do let kids help cook (it encourages them to try a wider variety ...
02-11-2018 16:15

6 Natural Sleep Remedies (You May Not Have Tried)

I’m firmly convinced that we are only beginning to understand how important sleep is for health, but we already know that sleep is important for pro...
01-11-2018 16:14

201: Understanding Fasting & Keto for Women (Even Durin

I am here today with a dear friend and one of my mentors, Mark Sisson, who is the New York Times bestselling author of the Keto Reset Diet. He is now ...
01-11-2018 16:14

200th Episode – Most Important Thing for Health

This episode marks the 200th episode of The Wellness Mama Podcast! Over the last few years, I’ve had the honor of speaking to almost 200 experts and...
29-10-2018 16:15

How Photobiomodulation Therapy Can Improve Skin, Hair, Metab

It’s not just diet that matters… light can have a huge effect on the body and overall health. Adequate exposure to sunlight, for example, actually...
27-10-2018 16:13

199: How Diet Directly Affects Mental Health with Autumn Smi

There’s so much evidence that what we eat affects not only our bodies, but our brains too. Today I sit down with Autumn Smith from Paleovalley, an a...
25-10-2018 16:16

26 Non-Candy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love

Halloween and I have a complicated relationship, at least since I became a mom. Take trick-or-treating, for instance. It’s a fun tradition, but ther...
25-10-2018 16:16

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Brussels sprouts… the dreaded vegetable of childhood! Cooked the right way, these can become a (kid-approved) favorite! They are also a great additi...
25-10-2018 16:16

198: How to Be Green Enough and Avoid the Worst Offenders in

We’ve talked a lot about how to avoid chemicals at home and basically how to make home a safer place for our kids and families. It’s a worthy goal...
22-10-2018 16:14

Why Personalized Concierge Medicine Is the Future of Health

Concierge medicine used to be something reserved for celebrities and the ultra rich, and it didn’t seem accessible to us mere mortals. The concept i...
20-10-2018 16:14

Hypoallergenic Silk Lotion Bar Recipe With Tallow

We use lotion bars all the time at our house. The concept is great — a bar that looks like soap but that you use on dry skin like lotion. I’ve eve...
19-10-2018 16:16

197: The Opposite of Being Spoiled: Raising Financially Resp

Today’s guest isn’t an expert on health… unless you’re talking about financial health! Rob Lieber has been the “Your Money” columnist for...
18-10-2018 16:17

Healthy Candy for Halloween Trick-or-Treating

In case you?re wondering if you?ve got the right blog, never fear? no, I don?t think there is such a thing as healthy candy! By ?healthy? I just mean ...
16-10-2018 16:13

196: How the Modern World Is Changing Our Hormones (& H

As women and moms, I’m not sure we can ever get enough information about our hormones and how they work. Today I’m here with Angelique Panagos, a ...
15-10-2018 16:17

Benefits of Inversion Therapy (& How to Do It at Home)

Chronic painis, unfortunately, all too common. From sitting at work, to carrying heavy objects (or toddlers!), to pregnancy, our bodies can get out o...
12-10-2018 16:18

195: Saunacast: A Huge Announcement From Mommypotamus &

If you know me, you probably know my friend Heather of Mommypotamus. We’re known for hanging out in the sauna together (usually over a glass of wine...
11-10-2018 16:12

Healthy Chai Tea Latte Recipe

Chai tea was one of my favorite drinks in college and many days I?d grab a vanilla latte or a chai tea latte on the way to class. Now, I makesuperfoo...
09-10-2018 16:14

194: Longevity, Autoimmunity, and Plant-Based Diets With Nor

I could not be more excited about today’s conversation and today’s guest because I am here with Nora Gedgaudas who is by and large one of the earl...
08-10-2018 16:13

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Benefits for Cognition, Memory &#

Lion’s mane is a funny-looking mushroom, it’s true, but it seems to have some seriously impressive health benefits. Used medicinally in Asia for c...
06-10-2018 16:14

193: How to Protect Your Family From the Rise of 5G & O

The controversy surrounding EMFs never seems to end, and with good reason. The technology is changing quickly with the rise of 5G and wireless technol...
04-10-2018 16:16

Is Borax Safe to Use for Natural Cleaning"

It may be natural, but is borax safe" This is a question I’ve tackled before but is worth another look as it is in the news more than ever. No longe...
04-10-2018 16:16

How to Make Macadamia Milk With 3 Ingredients!

I first experienced this more unusual nut milk when ordering a non-dairy matcha tea latte at a coffee shop. I knew at first sip that something was dif...
03-10-2018 16:15

192: How to Avoid Rushing Woman Syndrome and Balance Hormone

Do you ever feel stressed about trying not to be stressed" I’m sure we’ve all been there, and I’m grateful we have an expert like Dr. Sonya Jens...
01-10-2018 16:15

191: Understanding How Gaming Disorder & Gaming Addicti

Are video games a fun way to unwind, or a deeper problem" My guest today is clear on his answer. Dr. Sam Shayis a chiropractor with a background in f...
27-09-2018 16:19

Bean-Free Chili Recipe

This fast bean-free chili recipe is a simple and filling meal on a cool day. It can be made as spicy (or not) as you like and even kids will gobble it...
27-09-2018 16:19

Healthy Finger Foods for Toddlers (Even Picky Ones)

A toddler?s appetite can sometimes seem like a bottomless pit! Their growing bodies require nourishment, and lots of it. Go beyond conventional finger...
26-09-2018 16:16

190: The Easiest Way to Track HRV, Sleep, and Movement With

I seriously cannot wait to dive into this episode because we’re going deep on a topic near and dear to every mom’s heart (and sanity)… how to ge...
24-09-2018 16:18

The Problem With Most Pads and Tampons (+ Natural Alternativ

It is always frustrating when something that is really convenient and time-saving ends up being really unhealthy… like plastic water bottles or anti...
24-09-2018 16:18

Why We Chose Samaritan Ministries Healthshare Over Health In

This could be a really short post because really the answer is: because Samaritan Ministries health care sharing works so much better for our family a...
24-09-2018 16:18

189: How Red Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation Works &

You’ve probably seen me post pictures on Instagram where I look like something out of Star Wars using my Joovv red light therapy device. I first sta...
20-09-2018 16:12

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