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The Holiday Meal Menus officially begin rolling out Sunday… 25 healthy holiday recipes. They’re some of my favorites of the entire year so I want ...
15-11-2018 16:14

Sign Up Now – Fitmas Challenge (+premium challenge pac

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… FITMAS CHALLENGE GOALS: stay fit, healthy and accountable this holiday season with zero guilt over celeb...
12-11-2018 16:11

Fitmas Challenge Countdown Week – Day 5

Boooooooty for the final day of the Fitmas Challenge Countdown week. This butt workout will sculpt and tighten those glutes with weights and and inter...
09-11-2018 16:16

Fitmas Challenge Countdown Week – Day 4

Day 4 of the Fitmas Challenge Countdown week and it’s upper body. I love the format of this workout- weighted work sets followed by a burnout circui...
08-11-2018 16:14

Fitmas Challenge Countdown Week – Day 3

HIIT Cardio & Abs no equipment workout for Day 3 of the Fitmas Challenge Countdown week! The Fitmas Challenge aka our healthy holiday! 5 weeks of work...
07-11-2018 16:11

Fitmas Challenge Countdown Week – Day 2

It’s Day 2 of the Fitmas Challenge Countdown week! The Fitmas Challenge aka our healthy holiday! 5 weeks of workouts and meals with a balanced appro...
06-11-2018 16:10


The countdown is officially ON for the Fitmas Challenge aka our healthy holiday! 5 weeks of workouts and meals with a balanced approach. Quick workout...
05-11-2018 16:13

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide | Health + Fitness

Welcome to my ultimate gift guide for the woman who leads a healthy, active lifestyle. Starting now through Christmas, I am going to be sharing produc...
02-11-2018 16:14

My 5 Favorite Ways to ENJOY Collagen

Everyone’s talking about the supplement collagen, right"! BUT, not everyone is talking about enjoying it. Except for maybe me lol. Seriously thoughâ...
30-10-2018 16:14


Here are 20 of the best motivational and inspirational quotes for the gym and your health and fitness journey. I am constantly changing the background...
30-10-2018 16:14

“PACE MODES” – how to intensify or slow do

How do we know when to intensify our workouts" How do we know when to spend less time in the gym" Or, relax a bit with our meals" Have more treats"! W...
22-10-2018 16:13

Fall Fitness Calendar – switching things up

I have a red hot fire burning within me lately. I am so passionate and motivated… the gym, my meals and overall living this healthy, balanced, enjoy...
21-10-2018 16:16

Fall Challenge – Glutes + Shoulders Workout (W5D5)

Happy Friday. It’s our final lifting day of the challenge and you know I had to end it with a good one. I just wanted to say thank you for participa...
19-10-2018 16:15

Fall Challenge: Extreme Workout – Upper Body + Abs (W5

Give it all you’ve got, girl. It’s the last extreme workout of the challenge and this workout is designed to push you.   If you haven?t done an e...
18-10-2018 16:17


The Fall Cookbook is yours to download [check your inbox, meal plan members!] If you’re not yet part of the meal plan, you can join today & instantl...
17-10-2018 16:17

Fall Challenge: Back + Shoulders Workout (W5D3)

This workout was probably my favorite of the week. Shoulders are a muscle group that can give the entire upper body a fit look. BUT, shoulders require...
17-10-2018 16:17

Fall Challenge: HIIT Cardio Conditioning (W5D2)

It’s cardio day! Now, this is the 5th week you’ve encountered a conditioning workout of mine and I really want to up the challenge. Do you think y...
16-10-2018 16:12

FALL COMMUNITY GEAR – order yours this week only!

Happy Fall Y’all – this season’s community gear has officially dropped! It’s our biggest community gear collection yet… there’s a littl...
15-10-2018 16:17

Fall Challenge: Legs + Abs Workout (W5D1)

Happy Monday! Happy final week of the fall challenge! Happy community gear launch! Happy everything! Today is destined to be a good day… it just is....
15-10-2018 16:17

Fall Challenge: Week 5 Workout Schedule

The 5th and final week of the Fall Challenge is upon us! Let’s finish strong because there is never really a start and end date with healthy living....
14-10-2018 16:12

Fall Challenge: Arms + Abs Workout (W4D5)

We are ending the week with a workout I think you are really going to enjoy… arms and abs. This workout is effective because a lot of the ab movemen...
12-10-2018 16:17

Friday Five: 5 Favorite Podcasts

I was late to the podcast party but now I totally ride that bandwagon! I am obsessed and today I am sharing my 5 favorite podcasts as part of today’...
12-10-2018 16:17

Men’s/Couples Workout: Leg Day (Anthony Takeover)

Hey guys and gals. It’s Anthony. Lauren tells me she gets a lot of requests for men’s workout, so I created this leg one. I also created it becaus...
11-10-2018 16:12

Fall Challenge: HIIT Cardio Conditioning Workout (W4D4)

Enjoy the day off from weights and get to your cardio! This is more than just a cardio workout. In fact, I’ve infused a bit of lower body into this ...
11-10-2018 16:12

Healthy Pumpkin French Toast Recipe

Fall food is my absolute favorite and this healthy pumpkin french toast recipe is the perfect example as to why. First off, it’s a healthy breakfast...
10-10-2018 16:14

Fall Challenge: Back + Biceps Workout (W4D3)

You know how much I love the back and biceps muscle group combination. Of course, I enjoy a traditional arm day, targeting the biceps and triceps too....
10-10-2018 16:14


A good playlist can make or break your workout. Similarly, a good pair of headphones can help you stay focused or they can be a nuisance: tangled cord...
09-10-2018 16:14

Fall Challenge: Extreme Workout – Legs (W4D2)

It’s extreme workout time! These workouts are intense – I really want you to keep that in mind because you will feel pushed to your limits and exh...
09-10-2018 16:14

Fall Challenge: Upper Body Workout (W4D1)

Rise and grind… happy Monday, friends! I am coming at you hot today because I’ll be honest and tell you that last week, I was off my game. My pers...
08-10-2018 16:12

Fall Challenge: Week 4 Workout Schedule

It is Week 4 of the Fall Challenge and I’m going to throw in some added incentives this week to keep you on track, committed and kickin’ your own ...
07-10-2018 16:14

Fall Challenge: Glutes + Abs Workout (W3D5)

Happy Friday, friends! Here is an amazing butt and abs workout to round out (pun intended!) the week. I hope your week has been wonderful. I want to l...
05-10-2018 16:14


Happy Friday, friends. I am happy to be chatting with you on another beautiful Friday… isn’t Friday always beautiful despite your mood or the weat...
05-10-2018 16:14


Hello, OCD Lauren here with another cleaning/organizational post. I wouldn’t call myself a clean freak because I really don’t love cleaning 24/7 (...
04-10-2018 16:16

Fall Challenge: Chest + Triceps Workout (W3D4)

I’m not exactly sure why but this upper body chest and triceps workout totally toasted my arms. I love when I’m forced to use my own body weight s...
04-10-2018 16:16

6 Month Update: Intermittent Fasting Results

Intermittent fasting (IF) took the LG community by storm this summer when I released my Intermittent Fasting Mini Guide. I created this mini guide to ...
03-10-2018 16:14

Fall Challenge: Cardio Conditioning Workout (W3D3)

Happy Hump Day! How do you feel about these conditioning workouts" By now, I hope you’re noticing an improvement in your endurance. Anddd… that ca...
03-10-2018 16:14


A proper warm up and cool down are both essential parts of a workout but a lot of us question how to warm up and cool down for exercise. In this post,...
02-10-2018 16:12

Fall Challenge: Legs + Abs Workout (W3D2)

Legs and abs – two of my favorite muscle groups to scream STRENGTH! You may like that in today’s workout I focused a bit more on the inner thighs....
02-10-2018 16:12

Fall Challenge: Extreme Workout – Upper Body (W3D1)

There’s nothing like beginning the week with the Extreme Workout. Just a reminder… once per week, we complete an “extremely intense” style wor...
01-10-2018 16:14

Chicken Pesto Panini Healthy + Quick Recipe

When you make it 4x in one week… you know it’s a good recipe! This Chicken Pesto Panini Sandwich recipe is coming straight from the Weekly Meal Me...
01-10-2018 16:14

Fall Challenge: Week 3 Workout Schedule

Why hellllo, week 3! Welcome back for another week of intense workouts and yummy meals. I’m not just saying this… I’ve been so impressed by your...
30-09-2018 16:13

Friday Five: 5 Fav Amazon Purchases of the Month (Sept 2018)

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Five aka a post where I share 5 random things. The theme for today is my 5 Favorite Amazon Purchases of the M...
28-09-2018 16:17

Fall Challenge: Chest + Back Upper Body Workout (W2D5)

The perfect workout to finish off the week. This upper body workout will leave you feeling strong and pumped up. I’ll be honest… chest and back ar...
28-09-2018 16:17

Fall Challenge: Extreme Workout – Legs + Abs (W2D4)

And here it is… your extreme workout to test and challenge your strength, endurance and will power. In this workout, you will work both your legs an...
27-09-2018 16:18

How To Make an At Home Cable Machine

Here are the quick steps for how to make a cable machine right at your home using a resistance band. I love a home workout but there are a few pieces ...
26-09-2018 16:16

Fall Challenge: Biceps + Triceps Arm Workout (W2D3)

ARM DAY… an entire workout dedicated to biceps and triceps. Just a few personal tips… in the engagement and finishing circuit, I suggest you focus...
26-09-2018 16:16

ULTIMATE SNEAKER REVIEW: best shoes for running, lifting, ci

I’m calling this the ultimate sneaker review because I am going through athletic shoes that I think are the best for running, weight training, circu...
25-09-2018 16:12

Fall Challenge: Cardio Conditioning + Ab Workout (W2D2)

It’s conditioning day with a little bit of abs sprinkled in. Overall, this is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workout, meaning you h...
25-09-2018 16:12

Fall Challenge: Week 2 Workout Schedule

Woooeee, week 2 of the Fall Challenge is already here. Last week, you were able to get acquainted with the workouts and format. This week, I want you ...
24-09-2018 16:17

We are pregnant… again! Baby #2

We are pregnant… again! We couldn’t be happier to share this news with you. Baby #2 is due in February. We are just about half way there, and I ca...
24-09-2018 16:17

Fall Challenge: Glutes + Shoulders (W2D1)

Welcome to Week 2 of the Fall Challenge. Glutes and shoulders are an awesome muscle group combination. Have you tried it before" If not, let me know o...
24-09-2018 16:17


Welcome to a very fun edition of the Friday Five… LG Sister staples. If you’re new here, my Friday Five is a weekly blog post series where I share...
21-09-2018 16:17

Fall Challenge: Back + Biceps Workout (W1D5)

We are closing out the first week of the Fall Challenge with a back and biceps upper body workout. Not a lot of women give their back muscles proper a...
21-09-2018 16:17


This quick and easy braid is going to become one of your go-to hairstyles… I guarantee it. I am calling it a 2 Min Twist Braid because it seriously ...
20-09-2018 16:11

Fall Challenge: HIIT Cardio Conditioning (W1D4)

HIIT cardio conditioning is something you haven’t seen here before! I wanted to introduce this to the Fall Challenge because it’s so important for...
20-09-2018 16:11

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